Borys Filatov

Borys Filatov

Mayor of Dnipro

Filatov started his career as a corporate conflict lawyer.

In 2005, Borys Filatov finished his active law practice and became involved in journalism. From 2005 to 2010, he was the author and host of the TV program Provincial Chronicles on the regional 9 channel, which is associated with the group Privat.

In 2010, Filatov left Channel 9 and began broadcasting Provincial forecasts on the air of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State TV and Radio Company (DODTRK) on 51 channel.

On November 24, 2015, Filatov wrote a statement of resignation of the People's Deputy of Ukraine, but on November 26, Verkhovna Rada did not support his statement. Filatov quitted his position only a month later, on December 24. At the same time, in the Filatov’s single-member constituency, the new elections had not taken place before April 2016, as the issue of Filatov’s resignation had not yet been finally resolved.

In the fall of 2015, Filatov was promoted to the post of mayor of Dnipropetrovsk (Ukrop Party). In the first round of elections, on October 25, Filatov took 2nd place, getting 35.77% of the vote. On November 15, he won the second round, getting 52.31% of the vote (184,874).


Associated with Kolomoisky

Filatov became associated with Ihor Kolomoisky since the late 1990s, when Filatov collaborated with the Privat group in a number of cases and corporate conflicts. In 2014, he was a deputy of Ihor Kolomoisky in Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. He won the 2015 mayor election with Kolomoisky’s indirect support, but then broke up with him, switching entirely to the "Poroshenko group". Since Volodymir Zelensky became President of Ukraine, Filatov is in conflict with Kolomoisky accusing him of a «raider attack on the local government of the Dnipro.«