Henadiy Boholyubov

Henadiy Boholyubov

Entrepreneur, co-owner of Privat Group.

Former engineer at Dnipropertrovskprombud.

In 1986, he organized the cooperative Sentosa together with Ihor Kolomoisky.

In 1992, he became a co-owner of PrivatBank.

Independently of Kolomoisky, Boholyubov owns Palmary Enterprises Ltd. Through Consolidated Minerals, the Australian enterprise, this firm is controlling manganese ore mining in Australia, whose overall share in the global market constitutes totals 30%.

In 2013, he sold his share in the UMH Group media-concern to the VETEK group of companies, owned by Borys Lozhkin. He is constantly on the list of TOP-10 richest Ukrainians. Unlike Kolomoisky, he is non-public and is diligently avoiding attention. However, according to the characteristics by Henadiy Korban, Boholyubov and Kolomoisky equally influence the decision-making process inside the Privat Group.


Associated with Kolomoisky

He is closely associated with Kolomoisky, being his business partner for more than 20 years. He is the co-founder of Privat Group, and prior to the nationalization, he owned 44% at PrivatBank. He owns shares in other Kolomoisky’s businesses, e.g. in Zaporizhzhya and Stakhaniv ferroalloys plants, Highlanders Alloys, the ferroalloys plant in the USA, Consolidated Minerals (CSM) in Australia, Ukrnafta and Dniproazot.