Maksym Shevchenko

Maksym Shevchenko

Former head of the debt collection line at PrivatBank. Now he is an accomplice in a "legal spam" campaign in favour of Kolomoisky.

Shevchenko is a lawyer. He worked at Privatbank from 2002 (approx) to 2018. He got known as an aggressive top-manager in the debt collection business where he worked for many years as one of the collectors. Shevchenko became famous after the scandalous news when he drove by car to a playground and started a fight with parents of the kids on the playground. He was also charged with forgery.


Associated with Kolomoisky

For many years, Shevchenko worked at PrivatBank (as long as it belonged to Kolomoisky). He got a discount mortgage for an apartment.

In June 2019, Maxym Shevchenko registered Primary Trade Union Organization of the employees of the headquarter of JSC CB PrivatBank in Dnipro, and then renamed it the Primary Trade Union Organization of the employees of JSC CB Privatbank.

The organization sued PrivatBank demanding that it cancel contracts with members of the Bank's Supervisory Board.