Maksym Yukhymenko

Maksym Yukhymenko

Maksym Yukhymenko is a lawyer, a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrnafta on behalf of Ihor Kolomoisky up until 2019. Previously, he was a secretary of the Supervisory Board of the bankrupt CJSC Aerosvit that also belonged to Kolomoisky.

Yukhymenko was a representative of Ihor Kolomoisky in several key cases:

757/59850/17-ц — a claim of Kolomoisky against the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, JSC «Ukreximbank», the Deposit Guarantee Fund on revoking the PrivatBank share purchase agreement after PrivatBank nationalization.

 757/43793/18-ц, 757/43800/18-ц, 757/43785/18-ц, 757/64933/17-ц — claims of Kolomoisky and his bogus companies to the Ministry of Finance demanding to refute information that these companies were involved in moving money out of the country.

796/165/2018 — a reclaiming bill by a representative of PrivatOffice company that belongs to Kolomoisky in order to recover the property on mutual debts of PrivatBank and PrivatOffice.

Yukhymenko is a head of the law firm Ukrainian Legal Alliance (EDRPOU 41228225). Other co-founders of the law firm are Kolosovsky Yurii Oleksandrovych, Levchenko Oleksandr Vasylovych, Nyzhnyk Oleksii Mykolaiovych.


Associated with Kolomoisky

Yukhumenko represented in the courts the interests of Ihor Kolomoisky in a number of cases related to PrivatBank.