Nataliia Yehorova (Litvina)

Nataliia Yehorova (Litvina)

The judge of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal

According to the information published on the website of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal:

Nataliia was born on December 21, 1975 in Trostyanets, Vinnytsia region.

In 1997, she graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Judicial career: From 2004 to 2008, she worked as a judge of Solomyansky District Court of Kyiv;

From January 12, 2009 to March 12, 2019, she worked as a judge in the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal,

Since March 12, 2019, Litvina Nataliia has been working as a judge in the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal.

Connections and property, according to information on

Litvin Oleksandr Yevhenovych, son.

Onishchuk Olha Mykolaivna (sister) has been working as a notary in the Kyiv City Notarial District since 2007.

Onishchuk Maksym Ivanovych (sister's husband) — since 2010, he has been a judge of the Court of Appeal, Kyiv

Property: The declaration states the cars AUDI Q 5 (MY2012) and MERCEDES-BENZ S 600 (MY1993). Among the real estate, it is stated that he owns 58.8 sq.m (50% of the apartment is in use by his son with a total area of 117.6 sq.m).

Information from

1) According to the information set out in the explanatory note to the draft of the Resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine «On the aspects of the responsibility of judges involved in mass falsifications during the people's deputies elections on October 28, 2012», judge Litvina Nataliia was a part of the juridical board, which satisfied the appeal received from the representative of the Party of Regions of Ukraine and found illegal the actions of the territorial election committee to prevent an official observer from the Party of Regions to a voting station. This happened in 2012, in the elections of people's deputies of Ukraine in the single-mandate constituency №94.

2) According to the Unified State Register of Judgments, Judge Nataliia Litvina was a member of the panel of judges, which decided to dismiss the appeal against the decision made by the Kyiv District Administrative Court, which legalized the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to exclude the historic building in Kyiv from the list of architectural monuments. It was also refused to initiate the inclusion of the Gostiny Dvor building in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine.

 3) According to the information in the register of court decisions, Judge Litvina Nataliia was a member of the panel of judges, which upheld the relevant decision of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv with no changes. The decision referred to recognizing the conclusion of the Central Attestation Commission of the National Police of Ukraine illegal as to recognize Deputy Chief of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Hryhoriy Mamka as non-compliant with official requirements and to reinstate him in his position. Hryhoriy Mamka is the main critic of the police certification system, and Mamka was publicly accused by former National Police Chief Khatia Dekanoidze of dishonest police work and pressure on business (the Scheme investigation noted).


Associated with Kolomoisky

Decided in favor of companies associated with Ihor Kolomoisky in the following cases:

 1) On 16 May 2018, in case №640 / 20024/18, Judge Litvina decided to leave the case without motion.

Earlier, the Supreme Court in the case between the State Aviation Service and the Cabinet of Ministers, declared illegal the air tax on each passenger departing from Ukrainian airports in the amount of two dollars. Ihor Kolomoisky's airline will get the maximum benefit from this decision. Savings for UIA and losses for the state budget will amount to 475 million hryvnias (

2) On April 21, 2019, in the case between UIA and the Fiscal Service №640/20024/18, Judge Litvina decided to cancel the claim of the Fiscal Service to UIA. The amount of taxes and fees that Ihor Kolomoisky's company had to pay is almost 60 million hryvnias (Finbalance,