Oksana Kurylenko

Oksana Kurylenko

Judge of the Kyiv district court of Odessa

Oksana Kurylenko has been working in the Kyiv district court of Odessa since 2008.

She was recognized appropriate for the position in June 2019.

However, the Public Council of Integrity issued the opposite conclusion and recognized Oksana Kurylenko as inappropriate. Thus, in 2013 Kurylenko ruled in favor of her chief Serhii Chvankin, Head of the District Court. In that case, she ruled in favor of the recognition of his ownership of the apartment. The decision was made in four days, and Kurylenko did not recuse.


Associated with Kolomoisky

Oksana Kurylenko made a deliberately unjust decision in the case Ihor Kolomoisky against the legal advisers of PrivatBank and the National Bank. In Case 520/97/18, Kurylenko decided to secure a lawsuit to prohibit the NBU from using the services of its legal advisers to fulfill the terms of its contracts with PrivatBank.

Kurylenko’s quote from the decision,

“…to prohibit PJSC CB PrivatBank, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, consultants, legal advisers or other persons providing services to PJSC CB PrivatBank and/or the National Bank of Ukraine and/or the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, including but not limited to AlixPartners Services UK LLP (United Kingdom), Kroll Associates UK LLP (United Kingdom), Hogan Lovells International LLP (United Kingdon), their subsidiaries and/or representative offices and/or affiliated, Asters Limited Liability Company, Asters Consult Limited Liability Company, to comply with the terms, requirements and any other terms and conditions, any contracts, agreements, contracts, power of attorney and any other transactions…”