Oleh Tkachuk

Oleh Tkachuk

Judge of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court, former chairman of the Council of Judges

Tkachuk Oleh was born on February 12, 1967 in Vasylivka village, Popilnyansky district, Zhytomyr region.

In 1994, he graduated from the Ukrainian State Law Academy.

Almost immediately, in December 1994, he was elected a judge of the military court of the Kalinov garrison (Chernivtsi). For the following 16 years, he worked in the system of military courts of first and appellate instances, received the rank of Colonel of Justice.

After the liquidation of the military court system in 2010, he started working in the Supreme Court of Ukraine for Review of Civl and Criminal Cases.

In November 2017, he was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court. 

In December 2017, he was elected to the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court.

His wife works as a notary in Kyiv.

In March 2018, Tkachuk Oleh was elected Chairman of the Council of Judges — the highest body of judicial self-government of Ukraine.

In July 2019, Tkachuk resigned as Chairman of the Council due to a potential conflict of interest through his participation in the competition for the position of a judge of the Constitutional Court, for which the Council of Judges is responsible. Two weeks earlier, Oleh Tkachuk blamed the Office of the President on pressure that had allegedly tried to disrupt an extraordinary congress of the Rada.


Associated with Kolomoisky

As a judge of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court, Oleh Tkachuk is involved in the "Surkis case", which is now, due to its connection with Ihor Kolomoisky, challenging the legality of converting their deposits into the authorized capital of PrivatBank during its nationalization. During the trial, he showed bias in favour of Surkis brothers, making unfounded claims against the other party.

Thus, Tkachuk demanded to prove that Surkis, as related parties, received higher interest rates on their deposits than other depositors of the bank, and questioned the connection of Surkis' wife with her husband. He advised claims on NBU to respond to related parties only in 2016, and not before — although the relevant regulatory framework did not exist before.