Oleksandr Prokopenko

Oleksandr Prokopenko

Judge of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court

Prokopenko Oleksandr was born in Tokari village on January 5, 1966.

From 1993, he worked as a judge of Kovpakivsky district court of Sumy region. 

In 1998-2009 — Judge and Deputy Chamber of Criminal Cases of the Court of Appeal of Sumy region. 

In 2009 he was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court.

He received a negative review from the Public Integrity Council on a number of criteria — a decision that was later successfully appealed twice in the European Court of Human Rights, price understatement by about three times of a purchased Lexus, privatization of an office apartment, membership in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Also, in 2015, Prokopenko was a member of the panel of judges that returned the special permits of Golden Derrick LLC belonged to Mykola Prysiazhniuk, Eduard Stavitsky and Yurii Ivanyushchenko to develop oil and gas fields. Now, Golden Derrick has been renamed East Petroleum, it belongs to Pavel Fuchs, and these deposits have been transferred to other offshore companies.


Prokopenko's wife Nataliia works in Military medical department of SSU, their son Bogdan is a detective of Main division of detectives of NABU.


Associated with Kolomoisky

The judge showed bias during the hearing of the Surkis case — on the forced conversion of Surkis’ deposits as related parties (bail-in procedure) into the authorized capital of PrivatBank during its nationalization.

Thus, Prokopenko advanced claims on why the representatives of the National Bank and Privatbank did too many expert examinations, why the rights of the bank’s owners are insufficiently protected, and that the related parties cannot sufficiently protect their rights.