Oleksiy Martynov

Oleksiy Martynov

Сo-founder of the Privat group

Oleksiy Martynov was born on June 6, 1966 in Ludino, Kaluga region (Russia). He studied in Dnepropetrovsk (now — Dnipro), graduated in electrical engineer of automatic control systems. According to his own words, he was at the origins of the founding of Privatbank in 1992 together with Kolomoisky and Boholyubov. Like Boholyubov (unlike Kolomoisky), he is a private person.

He was a member of the bank's supervisory board from 2000 until the end of 2016, when Privatbank was nationalized. According to media, in the Privat group, Martynov is responsible for the ferroalloy business, selling products. There is no clear information about Martynov's responsibilities and competencies due to the opacity of FIGs.

Oleksiy Martynov is included stably into the lists of the richest Ukrainians.

Oleksiy Martynov's son-in-law is Oleksandr Trukhin (People's Servant faction), the son of his old business partner.


Associated with Kolomoisky

Своїм бізнесом (дивись все вищенаведене) од початку 90-х років пов'язаний з групою «Приват».

Since the early 90's, Oleksiy Martynov’s business (see all of the above) is associated with the Privat group.