Olena Kibenko

Olena Kibenko

Judge of the Constitutional Court

Kibenko Olena was born on December 30, 1972.

She graduated from the National University Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine (1989-1997).

For 15 years, she worked at the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University. During this time, she got a PhD in corporate law.

In 2011, she was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

In 2015, she ran for the Kharkiv City Council from the Samopomich party in the regular local elections.

While teaching in the university, she began practicing law in a private firm.

In 2017, she started working in the Supreme Court.


Associated with Kolomoisky

During the hearing of the case № 826/20221/16 on the claim of Surkis brothers regarding the conversion of their deposits into the capital of the bank, she showed bias in favor of Surkis brothers. The questions asked by Olena Kybenko to the representatives of the defendants were related to the administrative proceedings, not to the commercial proceedings as it supposed to be according to the case. She questioned the provisions of the law on guaranteeing deposits of individuals for repurchasing shares of insolvent banks and pointed out that these rules do not sufficiently protect the rights of previous owners.