Olena Lytvynenko

Olena Lytvynenko

Judge of the Baryshiv district court of Kyiv region

Olena Lytvynenko had held the position since 2003.

In the competition for the post of the judge of the Court of Cassation in the Supreme Court, she received less than the minimum admissible score.

Her relatives are still working in the Prosecutor’s office and at the Bar.


Associated with Kolomoisky

Olena Lytvynenko decided to suspend the Sky Up’s low-cost license to transport passengers in the fictitious claim by a local resident who never used the company’s services. In pursuance of Lytvynenko’s decision, MP Oleksandr Dubinin (he held senior positions at the enterprises of the group Privat that belong to Ihor Kolomoisky) sent a separate request to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Lytvynenko also assisted Kotlas LLC in obtaining criminal proceedings regarding the firm’s involvement in the theft of Ukrnafta’s funds. She likewise tried to cover her deals with a fictitious civil claim by local residents.

On January 9, 2020, the High Council of Justice dismissed Olena Lytvynenko for her committing a significant disciplinary offense.

Lytvynenko’s application for her voluntary resignation was rejected.