Pavlo Ovcharenko

Pavlo Ovcharenko

Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC Ukrtatnafta as of 2007.

Chairman of the Management Board of Ukrtatnafta as of 2007; co-founder and ex-CEO of Agrein Agro Holding.

In 2003-2004, Ovcharenko chaired the management board of Ukrtatnafta.

He returned to the position of the Chairman of the Management Board in 2007 by court order. His return was classified as a raider capture on multiple grounds. He is still in office today.

In 2008, Pavlo Ovcharenko headed Agrein Agro Holding specializing in grain with a land bank of about 110,000 ha. In 2014, Ovcharenko with several other top executives of the holding were wanted on suspicion of forgery and withdrawal of funds from the holding. In 2017, Ovcharenko succeeded in judicially removing himself from the wanted list.

While on the wanted lust, he was resident in France.


Associated with Kolomoisky

Chairman of the Management Board of Ukrtatnafta, one of the key assets of Kolomoisky. It is Ovcharenko’s return to the position in 2007 that was a point of transfer to Privat Group’s operative control over PJSC Ukrtatnafta and to the removal of Russian co-owners from the company.