Vasyl Oliinyk

Vasyl Oliinyk

Judge of the Kyiv Court of Appeal

Vasyl Oliinyk was one of 39 judges who got land from the Boryspil Regional State Administration near Ivankiv village.

He contested for the position of a judge of the Civil Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court. He received less than the required minimum score for anonymous written testing — 39.75 out of 90 points, and dropped out of the competition.

During the launch of the first wave of electronic declaration, he tried to hide the information about his wealth. This way, Oliinyk did not indicate the real estate where he lives.


Associated with Kolomoisky

He was a member of the panel of judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, which made an unjust decision to collect UAH 7 billion from Privatbank in a lawsuit filed by Surkis brothers. The collected 7 billion hryvnias are interest accrued on convertible deposits of companies since the moment of the nationalization in early 2017. Surkis brothers, along with their relatives, were recognized as insider-related persons with the previous owners of the bank, so their deposits and the deposits of their companies were forcibly converted into the authorized capital of the nationalized Privatbank.