Yevhen Ablov

Yevhen Ablov

Deputy Chairman of Kyiv’s District Administrative Court

Yevhen Ablov is famous for his numerous scandalous decisions.

In 2013, Ablov made a decision to unlock Maidan and ordered Berkut riot police to forcibly disperse Euromaidan activists on December, 10-11.

In 2017, Ablov declared the procurement procedure in the Avakov’s backpacks case to be legitimate.

IN 2019, he appeared on the recordings of Kyiv Administrative District Court Chairman Pavlo Vovk, where he discussed options to avoid the High Qualification Commission’s qualification assessment.

Now he is removed from office.


Associated with Kolomoisky

Yevhen Ablov made several decisions in favor of Kolomoisky’s companies and partners.

In case 826/20221/16, he upheld the claim by the family members of the Surkis brothers regarding the convert of their deposits into PrivatBank’s authorized capital upon nationalization.

In case 826/20239/16, he upheld JSC Accent-Bank’s suit filed by the Surkis brothers regarding the disposal of the bank’s 364 million for being associated with PrivatBank.

In case 826/10579/18, he upheld the claim of the Cyprus offshore Kasik Limited.

In case 826/7494/17, he upheld the claim of LLC Welltex.