Yevhen Mezentsev

Yevhen Mezentsev

Judge of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal

In 2005-2013, Yevhen Mezentsev was working for the commercial and administrative courts of Donetsk region. Since the end of 2013, he has been working in the Administrative Court of Appeal of Kyiv, holding the positions of its Chairman and Deputy Chairman. When reforming the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal in the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal, he became its spokesperson.


Associated with Kolomoisky

During his work in the court, Yevhen Mezentsev made a few decisions in the cases regarding PrivatBank in favor of Ihor Kolomoisky’s firms and partners.

In case 826/20221/16, he upheld the claim by the family members of the Surkis brothers regarding the convert of their deposits into PrivatBank’s authorized capital upon nationalization.

Mezentsev is also a member of the board, which is currently considering the case to abolish the nationalization of PrivatBank.

He was a member of the board, which considered offshore case 826/1317/17, where several offshore firms challenged their associations with Kolomoisky.